What You Need To Know About Hostels in Europe

The traditional way to rest while backpacking in Europe is to stay in a hostel. They are an affordable and safe way to meet like minded travelers and experience the culture of whichever country you’re visiting. Your standard hostel will feature showers, social interaction, and rooms with several bunk beds. One of the chief reasons people choose to stay in hostels is their low cost, some of them running as low as $10 per night. Today we are going to look at everything you need to know about Hostels in Europe.

What To Expect

Most hostels are composed of dorm rooms containing multiple meds, shared restrooms, and a kitchen/cooking area. Also common are social areas, laundry facilities, tourist desks, and rooms with internet access. Hostels are a stretch from Hotels in that they don’t contain a maid service, bedspreads, tv’s, or telephones. However, you can look for all the amenities of modern life in your hostel’s common area.

Things To Consider

Sleeping Quarters

Are the sleeping quarters co-ed or single sex? Females, especially those traveling alone will want to look for hostels with female only rooms. Besides the safety they provide, female rooms are usually cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable.


If you’ll be relying heavily on public transportation then where your hostel of choice is located should play a big role in your decision. Make sure to choose a centralized spot to ensure that you won’t be struggling to get around during your stay.


If you’re one of those peoeple that prefer a private restroom then you’ll have to make sure wherever you’re staying has those on offer. Despite what you may think, a shared restroom really isn’t that bad. In fact, a bathroom in the room can be annoying as many times your roommates can be loud and keep you awake at night.

Booking, Reserving, And Paying

Most backpackers choose to make reservations at one of the reputable online hostel bookers. Not only will this allow you to make an informed decision about the place you are staying, but in some cases it will help you save significantly. When checking in to a hostel, you may be asked for a key deposit or they may ask you to leave your passport at the desk as a security measure. No worries, just leave them some collateral and get on with your business. Hostels are usually locked at night and have a strict curfew. Make sure you get back before it, or you risk being left out in the cold.

Below are the two most popular sites for booking your hostels online:



Enjoying Your Stay

Part of the experience backpacking through Europe is the opportunity you get to meet other travelers. Staying at a hostel is the best way to meet fellow backpackers, exchange stories, and even find out about a new destination. Staying in a hostel can be an intimidating experience for a first timer but as soon as you’ve done it once it becomes quite fun. Don’t be shy, other backpackers are some of the most friendly and knowledgeable people you’ll get the chance to meet on your trip.