Buy Cheap Train Tickets for Europe Before You Leave Home

Like all travel plans, leaving things up to the last minute will usually mean higher prices and also fewer travel options. These things alone could potentially ruin your trip. If you need cheap train tickets for travel in the UK or Europe, planning and buying ahead is the best route to take.

Get A Train Journey Planner
If you are taking any journey by train you’re going to need a train journey planner which is usually obtained online or in booklet format. The planner will tell you which train to take, where it’s going and how to locate the train station you’ll be leaving from. Much like a flight planner, the train journey planner will keep you informed of what time your train is leaving and from which platform.

Get A Rail Map
If you plan on using the rail system throughout the UK or mainland Europe, make sure you obtain a Eurail map. Much like using the subways in London or New York, a Eurail map is the best way to find your bearings and learn the ropes of train travel within Europe.

A Eurail map will name and show every train stop along the extensive Eurail system. You may not be able to get to the exact location you want but in most cases you’ll only be a short local train or bus ride from your final destination. Remember to print an up-to-date Eurail map ahead of time and have it in your luggage.

Get a Eurail Pass
If you plan on using the rail system frequently throughout your journey buying a Eurail pass can be a huge money saver and provide you with cheap train tickets for the UK and Europe.

The Eurail Pass is much like a bus pass, but it gets you much further, much quicker. Compared to bus travel there are more seats to choose from and it’s easier to fit your luggage – plus you can often purchase food and beverages on board in the bar carriage. Train journeys can be a lot more social too and a great opportunity to meet other travelers. Furthermore, bus stops and stations rarely have detailed signs and personal assistance which is the norm for many train depots and platforms all over the UK and Europe.

Buy your Eurail Pass before you travel and get cheap train tickets for the UK saving you time and frustration at the ticket booth. We recommend using RailEurope who also offer Youth Discounts for Eurail Pass!

Travelling from England to France? Remember to book your Eurostar high-speed train tickets and travel between London to Paris under the English Channel in 2 hours 15 minutes!.

Buying tickets ahead of time is usually going to be the cheapest option. Waiting until the last minute on a busy day or tourist rush may cost hours in travel time and a more money.

Be prepared – plan your journey and purchase tickets early to save time, money and frustration!