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Backpacking Montenegro: Unique Culture, And Impressive Scenery

The beautiful city of Kotor in MontenegroMontenegro is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe. Backpacking in Montenegro will have you exploring enchanting coastal towns, impressive coastlines, and bright green forests. If you’re planning a trip here you won’t be disappointed as the country offers an array of activities from scuba diving to hiking and mountaineering. Also found in Montenegro are many historical attractions, some of which date back to before medieval times. No matter what reason you choose to visit the country, you’re sure to have a memorable experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Visit while Backpacking Eastern Europe

Backpacking is the perfect way to enjoy the scenery, history, and people of Eastern Europe. With its many historical monuments and well preserved countryside, it’s one of the most amazing places to visit for a backpacking trip. From Turkey to Slovenia and Latvia to Albania, there are enough exciting places to explore here to keep you busy for months. Backpacking in Eastern Europe will allow you the opportunity to experience everything this unique region has to offer.

There are many worthwhile countries to visit while backpacking Eastern Europe, and deciding which ones you’d like to see most is an important factor to consider. Below you will find the most popular Eastern European destinations for a backpacking trip.

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