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Should You Carry Backpackers Travel Insurance?

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A backpacking trip abroad can make for the experience of a lifetime. But if you should fall ill or get injured it can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and transportation home. Yea, I know, backpacking is supposed to be cheap right? Well, even on a budget trip, buying backpackers travel insurance just makes sense. After all, should something bad happen, you’ll end up spending much more money than you would without any type of coverage.
Even on a budget trip buying backpackers travel insurance makes sense. It is affordable and you can find a policy that will fit your needs exactly. Understanding the terms of travel insurance will let you accurately compare quotes and choose the right policy for your trip. Protecting Your Property Backpackers travel insurance covers your personal property if it is lost or stolen. Look over your packing list and be sure to note items of value such as eyeglasses, cameras, phones, mp3 players and laptops, Factor in the cost of your clothing and your backpack. When comparing quotes, make sure that the total of your possessions would be covered by the policy. Also check the coverage to see if replacing documents such as passports or train tickets is covered. Protecting Yourself One of the principal reasons for purchasing backpackers travel insurance is to cover unforeseen medical expenses. Be sure the policy covers medical care in all of the countries that you are visiting on your tip. If you’ll be hiking, make sure that search and rescue costs are included. In the unlikely event you become seriously ill or injured, many policies will provide evacuation expenses to get you back home. Look for this coverage specifically in your policy. Protecting Your Time & Money Trip cancellation coverage will pay for the cost of rescheduling or cancelling your flight and any hotels or tours that you have already paid for. This kind of coverage kicks in if you cancel due to a medical condition. Some policies also pay if the place you are traveling to has suffered from a natural disaster or any extreme political unrest. Policies differ so make sure to take into account the places you are traveling and your overall health. Protecting Others If, during the trip, you were to injure someone or their property accidentally, then liability coverage in your travel insurance would cover those expenses. You don’t want to be caught in a foreign country and be asked to pay money that you don’t have. Look at the policies you are comparing to see if liability coverage is included and what the limits are. Finally, look at the exclusions listed in the backpackers insurance policy. Some kinds of adventure activities such as river rafting, snowboarding, or bungee jumping are specifically excluded. If your plans include any extreme sports you may want to purchase additional coverage for those activities. Preexisting conditions or drug and alcohol related medical expenses are usually excluded. These are the most important factors to look at when considering backpackers travel insurance. Just like with everything else for your trip, make sure to shop around and only buy a policy that you are confident will suit your needs.

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